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Instagram-esque in New Orleans

During a recent visit to New Orleans, I had the opportunity to explore the historical Bourbon Street.  It was interesting to say the least but I had fun.  I did not go too crazy with the photography because I wanted to enjoy being there.  The one thing that caught my eye were all of the neon signs.  There must have been hundreds of them along Bourbon Street.  I was originally going to try and shoot some HDR images of the signs but there were just too many people especially at nighttime.  Of course, I could have tried to capture them during the day when the street was less crowded but a neon sign in daylight would just be lost in the image.  I tool these images around dusk before the streets became too crowded.

After reviewing them, I wanted them to pop a little more.  During post-processing, I decided to use some Instagram-esque effects to make the images a little more fun and interesting.  Only within the last month have I started playing with Instagram and I have to admit it can be a little addictive.  It only recently became available on the Android marketplace otherwise I might have tried it quite some time ago.  So in processing these images of New Orleans, I went for a retro-film effect.  In order to achieve the desired effect, I use a combination of Lightroom 4, Topaz Adjust, and Color Efex Pro 4.  To give the images more an aged look I did the following:

  • Reduced the contrast and made sure the black tones in the image were muted.
  • Introduced some grain to the image.  This reduces the sharpness of the image which is desired when the goal is retro-film.
  • Added a vignette around the edge of the image.  I went for a black vignette although some people like white.  I am not a big fan of a white vignette unless it is a black and white image.
  • Added a color cast.  In the images below, I used one of three color casts; red, blue, and green.  Again this adds to the aged effect.

Below is the final product:

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA – Red Toned

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA – Blue Toned

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA – Green Toned



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