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Captain America Illustration

Captain America created completely in Photoshop and inspired by a Jim Lee illustration

This is a Captain America picture inspired by a specific piece of Jim Lee artwork.  The funny thing about this piece is that it just started out with his shield last year.  When the Captain America film came out last year, I was inspired to create a simple piece in Photoshop.  I figured how hard could the shield be to create.  By the time I completed the shield, I was pretty satisfied with the outcome and decided to push it a little further.  Last summer, I started working on this piece but once the school year started I just got too busy to complete it.  Well I had enough time to finally finish it off and I am loving the results.  The entire image was created in Photoshop using filters, the pen tool, and countless layers.  No idea how long it took me to create this image but I would guess over 20 hours.  The final copy is also much higher quality than the one I am posting.  I am contemplating about getting it printed and eventually framed depending on how the printed version looks.  Hope you enjoy the image!  I have already started my next image of a 1950s pinup girl which I am only about 50% completed with.  Hopefully I will complete the new piece before the end of the summer.

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